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At Ink Collective we take great pride in our product quality. Our commitment to excellence is second to none.  All orders are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Custom Designs Money Back Guarantee

Our Custom Designs Money Back Guarantee means that if we are unable to produce a design that you like, we will refund in full your design fee. No questions asked. No strings attached. There is no limit to the number of proofs supplied.

Customisation of  our Templates Guarantee

We take great pride in providing you with high quality templates and all the elements included with each template are high res and of sufficient size to print beautifully at the size intended. This image quality guarantee does not extend to any images uploaded by our clients. The layout of the design is the responsibility of our customer and elements should be positioned within the safe print area in the exact location that is desired by our customer. Ink Designs will not move or change the artwork. Furthermore it is the responsibility of our customer to extend background artwork into the bleed area to ensure correct printing.

Printing Guarantee

If you choose to have your completed designs printed through us we guarantee to quality check all invites before dispatching. We check for the following:

  • Colours – while colours do vary from screen to paper and between paper stocks and we ensure that this variation is within industry standards.
  • Creases, smudges or marks – we ensure that all stock is clean and damage free both before and after printing.
  • Packaged correctly – Our invites leave our printers packaged correctly so that they will arrive in perfect condition.

If an order were to contain a printing or packaging error, we will happily reprint it at no cost to you, or you may choose to keep the order as is and we will apply a 25% discount to the order.

Customisation and Printing Guarantee Exclusions 

Clients are solely responsible (unless they have hired one of our designers) to change:

  • The text and colours.
  •  Ensure they adhere to international copyright laws when adding graphics, clipart, images or personal photos. This does not apply to those images supplied on he template which are the responsibility of Ink Designs Ltd.
  • Important designs elements are positioned within the 10mm margin
  • Background elements that are intended to print to the page edge are extended 3mm into the bleed area to offset any trimming variations.
  • Ink Designs are in no way responsible for the design. Unless they have hired us to do so, it is up to each client to change the text and colours using our online customiser so that the finished design meets their requirements.


The copyright of our work remains with Ink Collective Ltd and neither our ‘template fee’ or ‘printing fees’ include the transfer of our copyright to our customer. In the instances where artwork has been produced by another artist, then the copyright for their work remains with them and is used by Ink Collective under a commercial license agreement.


By purchasing a template from Ink Collective you are licensed to print your wedding stationery for your own personal use. Images cannot be on sold or distributed free or paid in any form or to any third party.

Printing Elsewhere

Ink Invites can print (or arrange to be printed) all of our designs however customers are free to take our designs and have them printed elsewhere. While our files are high resolution and confirm to industry standards, we do not guarantee print quality with any third party.

Printed Guest lists

It is the customers responsibility to provide a correctly spelt guest list. Whatever is supplied will be printed. Therefore unless you want numbers, blank lines etc to print, please ensure they are deleted. Ink Invites will not edit or modify the list of names supplied.

Corrections and Proofing

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all text supplied is correct and the design meets their requirements. During the customising process you are able to download or print a watermarked version of your design. We suggest printing out the proof and checking it twice.

Errors Made by Ink Collective

  • If an order were to contain an error or misprint caused by our staff, we will happily reprint it at no cost to you, or you may choose to keep the order as is and we will apply a 25% discount to the order.
  • Your order arrives 30 days late due to an error on our end or the shipping courier, we will refund your entire order including shipping.
  • Your package was shipped incorrectly and will miss the latest delivery date, we will upgrade to the appropriate shipping method or refund your shipping.

Errors made by a customer

  • If an order were to be printed that contains an error supplied or approved by a customer then Ink Invites will not be obliged to reprint the order.
  • If you choose to use a photo that our specialists have recommended against, and you are not happy with the photo on the final product, we cannot offer a refund.

Cancelling a Template Order

  • Customisations fees are non-refundable.

Cancelling a Print Order

  • If you cancel a print order before we have printed it, then any fees paid will be refunded in full.
  • If you cancel a print order after we have printed it, then any fees paid will not refunded.
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